Last week the Veterans Administration released a report on, ‘Suicide among
Veterans and other Americans from 2001-2015’

This report is the largest comparison analysis of veterans suicides in U.S.
History. Over fifty five million records were reviewed from 1979—2014.

Among the findings,

· Twenty Veterans a day complete suicide

· 18% of all death by suicide were completed by veterans compared
to 8.5% for the general population

· Adding all factors, risk for suicide was 21% higher among
veterans compared to suicide among civilians

These numbers are staggering. Embedded in the report also is the dramatic
lessening of suicide completion among veterans who take advantage of VA

The report is well worth reviewing. As advocates, we must continue to do
more around this issue including supporting the Joseph Dwyer Veterans
Mental Health Peer to Peer Program and raising awareness in our communities.

The report is listed below

Glenn Liebman, CEO


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