Dear Colleague:

Attached please find guidance for OMH-licensed providers who wish to
contract with telepsychiatry/telemedicine companies for distant/hub
services. It is OMH’s intent that this will further expand the pool of
available practitioners. Programs approved for telepsychiatry and seeking
to enhance psychiatry services via a contract with a private
telepsychiatry/telemedicine company must submit a regulatory waiver
request. While the waiver will allow for practitioners that are employed by
the telepsychiatry companies to be located in a private office or an office
in their home, the location of the office or home must be within NYS.

Upon reviewing the guidance document please direct any questions to your
local OMH Field Office and/or to Amy Smith at (518) 474-5570.

Keith J. McCarthy

Director, Bureau of Inspection and Certification
Office of Mental Health
44 Holland Avenue, Albany, New York 12229
(518) 474-5570 | (518) 486-5587 (F) | *

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