Since the signing of the mental health education legislation, we have
received a groundswell of support, which is no surprise, given the passion
of so many people in the mental health community. Many of you have asked
what can you do to support the legislation. Listed below are ways you can
help distribute PSA’s created by MHANYS with the support of NFL wide
receiver Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi, two of the nation’s leading
advocates on mental health awareness and co-founders of Project 375. They
have generously donated their time in support of MHANYS and the work we are
doing in preparation for the mental health education law.

All together 3 PSAs have been created of 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 1
minute. Links have been provided for each of the PSAs. In addition, we have
listed strategies for marketing all three of the PSAs.

In an effort to market these PSA consistently across NYS we have provided
suggested recommendations for each version-

We are recommending that you embed the 1-minute PSA on your website

Feel free to house this with information about the new Mental Health
Education Resource and Training Center.

  • Effective July 1, 2018 New York schools are required by law to provide
    instruction in mental health to all elementary, middle and high school
    students. The new law amends section 804 of Article 17 of State Education
    Law and applies to all public and private schools under the jurisdiction of
    the New York State Education Department (SED). Section 804 of the law
    pertains to health education, which schools have been required to provide
    for several decades and includes subject matter such as the early detection
    of certain cancers and alcohol, tobacco and substance use. The new law
    adds mental health to the legally mandated components of health instruction.

 A School Mental Health Education Resource and Training Center
is being established by the Mental Health Association in New York State,
Inc.(MHANYS) to help schools comply with the new law. The Center will
provide free online mental health training (CTLE-eligible) and
instructional resources for educators, as well as mental health resources
for parents and guardians, students and community-based mental health
providers. *For more information about the Center please

We are recommending you send the 30-second PSA to local media contacts
with area television stations to see if they will run the PSA on
their network.

We are also recommending that you share the 15-second PSA
on your social media accounts.

Please be sure to include @MHAacrossNYS and  @PROJECT375 on Twitter
and @MHANYSInc and @project375 on Facebook.

In recent years, there has been unprecedented attention to the great work
of the MHAs and our colleagues across New York State. By taking advantage
of these PSAs through the strategies we listed, we will continue to raise
awareness about mental health literacy, mental health education and the
work of all of you across New York State.

Thank you and please contact either Joelle Monaco or
myself with any questions.

Best, Glenn