As we are down to our last seven days of legislative session, we need your
support for legislation that would make it a requirement for all teachers
colleges to provide a course of instruction in mental health.

Undoubtedly many do offer such a course but there are several that do not.
With the passage of the mental health education bill for students last
year, we need to insure that future teachers are well versed in mental
health. This bill does not say that teachers should be clinicians, but
they should have a sense of mental health related issues that may come up
in the classroom. *Rather than this being an additional burden for
teachers, we think a course will be an invaluable resource moving forward.*

Currently the bill is in the Higher Ed Committee in both the Senate and
Assembly. The Assembly sponsor Marcus Crespo and the Senate sponsor Jesse
Hamilton are very strong advocates for passage, but we need your help to
gets this bill passed.

Please make two calls:

1)  Call up Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and urge him to support
A3686C,–(518) 455-3791

2) Call up Senate Majority Leader, John Flanagan and urge his
support for S.2465—(518) 455-2071

The message is:

“Please support legislation that will provide instruction for future
teachers about mental health. It is critical for the future of our children
that teachers have an understanding about mental health in classrooms”

Remember it was your advocacy that made mental health education and the tax
check off happen, now we need you to make this happen. Call today.

Thank You.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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