Today, the State Senate passed the Mental Illness Public Awareness License
Plate Bill which will help in the campaign to end the stigma of mental
illness. There have been several discreet license plates for Breast Cancer
Awareness, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Organ Donations and other worthy causes.
This would be the first one directed specifically to public awareness for
mental illness. The twenty five dollar surcharge for the plates will go
towards the existing anti-stigma fund started through the Mental Health
Income Tax Check Off. We thanks Senator Ortt for his leadership in the
bill’s passage.

The Assembly has also been very supportive of the legislation and it
recently passed the transportation committee and will move to Ways and
Means. Assembly member Gunther is sponsoring the bill and has been a strong
advocate for passage.

The MHAs across New York State and our colleagues in the community
continue to combat stigma wherever we see it raise its ugly head. We will
continue to do whatever we can to raise awareness.

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