Mental Health Anti-Stigma License Plate Bill Passes in Legislature

Thank you to all of you who supported the Mental Health Anti-Stigma
License Plate Bill. Your grass roots efforts have been heard.

Late last week, The NYS Assembly passed the Mental Health License Plate
Public Awareness Bill joining the NYS Senate that passed the bill the
previous week. Now that the bill has been passed in both houses, it will
be sent to the Governor to hopefully be signed into law. We will again ramp
up your advocacy efforts when it comes to the Governor’s Office for

Over the last few years, the Legislature and the Executive has helped to
make New York the national leader in fighting the stigma of mental illness.
Recent passage of Mental Health Education legislation, Mental Health Income
Tax Check Off, Funding for Mental Health First Aid, Step Therapy
Legislation, CIT Funding and Funding Increases for Direct Care Staff have
all played a significant role in helping to reduce stigma.

The passage of the Mental Health Public Awareness License Plate bill will
continue to play a role in reducing stigma. There are several license
plates in New York that address diseases like MS, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s,
Breast Cancer Awareness, Organ Donations and several other worthy causes.
Passing the Mental Health Public Awareness License Plate bill will continue
to normalize issues of mental illness and to help break through the glass
wall of stigma and discrimination.

We thank Assemblymember Aileen Gunther and Senator Robert Ortt in
sponsoring and leading the charges in their respective houses in support of
the License Plate Bill…Now on to Governor Cuomo.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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