A few minutes ago, the Assembly joined the Senate in the unanimous passage
of the Step Therapy Bill. This has been a MHANYS priority for several years
as we continue to fight to end the practice of ‘fail first’ with regard to
Mental Health and other medications. A lot of us have borne witness to the
difficulty of watching our loved one suffer on a medication that does not
work and then having to wait weeks to wean them off that medication before
starting them on one that we hope will be more successful. It can be a
tortious journey that we hope will be made easier with the passage of this

This bill does not address all these issues but it does create a speedier
and streamlined appeals process and foster greater opportunities for
physicians in cooperation with the patient to have a strong say in the
appropriate medication regime.

Great credit goes to both Senate sponsor Cathy Young and Assembly sponsor
Matthew Titone. They both provided incredibly strong leadership throughout
this process.

More details tomorrow but this is great news for the community. Now on to
Governor Cuomo.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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