Good Morning:

Two bills that will have great impact to the mental health community have
gained a great deal of momentum in the waning days of legislative session.

Mental Health Education in Schools Bill:

This legislation has been a MHANYS priority for the last several years.
This bill would enhance school curriculums by including mental health as
part of the dimensions of health taught in middle schools and high schools.
It passed in the Assembly last week through the leadership of
Assemblymember Nolan and it looks like it could pass the Senate today.
Senator Marcellino has been a strong supporter and leader in the Senate on
this issue.

Step Therapy Bill

This legislation has also been a significant MHANYS priority as well in
recent years. Individuals should not have to be provided with a medication
that is not clinically indicated by their physician. Why should individuals
with mental illness, diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, lupus, cancer,
kidney failure or any other illness have to first be provided with a
medication that may not be appropriate to their need? That makes little
sense clinically or financially. This legislation will significantly impact
practice to insure more appropriate medication rather than ‘failing first’
on other medication before finding the medication that is most appropriate.

Through the leadership of Senator Young, it has passed in the Senate. We
are hopeful that through the leadership of Assemblyman Titone it will pass
in the Assembly today or tomorrow.

We will keep you posted.

Glenn Liebman, CEO


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