This is the last opportunity to ask the Governor and legislature to sign
the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the $2 billion for homeless
housing! Tomorrow is the last day of this year’s legislative session. WE
NEED YOUR HELP TODAY. The final 2016-17 State budget included $2 billion
to be used to develop 6,000 units of Supportive Housing state-wide over the
next five years – the initial investment towards the Governor’s promise of
20,000 new units. The MOU needs to be signed prior to any money being

If you already sent messages, please go to the link below and send more!
If you have yet to contact your representatives, today is the day. We need
your help to encourage the Governor and the Legislature to sign the MOU for
new supportive housing!

The CAMPAIGN 4 NY/NY HOUSING is having a final email campaign to push the
Governor and Legislature to sign an MOU so the 6,000 new Supportive Housing
units can be developed.

– Please click on the link below.

– That will bring you to the “Sign the MOU” page with the description
and blank spaces to enter your address.

– After entering your address it will go to the next page where you
enter your contact information and have an opportunity to approve the
pre-written message.

– At this point just click “submit” and the messages will be sent to your
legislators, the Governor, Speaker Heastie, and Senate Leader Flanagan.

Pretty easy!

Thanks for participating!


Doug Cooper

Associate Executive Director
Association for Community Living/ACLAIMH

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