This morning Politico ran an article about the movement of the Mental
Health Education Bill through the Assembly. Last Thursday, Capitol Tonight
did a segment on the education bill. The link to the interview is attached.

We are continuing to work with the Senate to secure passage before the
close of legislative session later this week. 

Assembly passes bill ensuring mental health education programs at schools

By Dan Goldberg

06/13/2016 05:28 AM EDT

The state Assembly has passed bill that clarifies state education law,
calling on school districts to ensure that health education programs
include mental health and the relationship between mental and physical

The bill
sponsored by Cathy Nolan, a Democrat from Queens, would not take effect
until July 2018. It does not mandate any new curriculum. Students are
already required to take health classes.

The bill, which the Assembly passed on Thursday, is supported by the Mental
Health Association of New York State, which pointed out in an issue brief
that more than 60 percent of students with a mental illness are unable to
complete high school.

“Lack of knowledge coupled with stigma deters many people from taking full
advantage of today’s treatment options in a timely manner,” MHANYS wrote in
its brief. “MHANYS supports amendments to the law that will help clarify
the schools role and will free teachers to instruct on the subject with the
full imprimatur of the State.”

A companion bill is making its way through the Senate.

Link to Capitol Tonight Story on Mental Health Education in Schools:

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