Health and Recovery Plans (HARP) are now available on  The NYS Marketplace!

Individuals eligible to enroll in Health and Recovery Plans (HARPs) will
now have the option to select a HARP on New York State’s Official Health
Plan Marketplace, New York State of Health (NYSoH)
<>, also known as The Exchange.

Automatic HARP enrollment on the NYSoH Online Marketplace:

· HARP-eligible NYSoH account holders will be automatically moved
into the HARP associated with their current Health Plan. Before enrollment,
they will receive a notification letter about this move.

· HARP-eligible individuals wishing to opt out of a HARP will need to opt
out within 30 days after receiving their notification letter to avoid being
automatically moved.

Choosing to enroll in a HARP on the NYSoH Online Marketplace:

· Individuals who are HARP-eligible, but currently enrolled in a
Health Plan that does not have an associated HARP, can choose a HARP
associated with a different Health Plan by using their NYSoH account.

· Individuals on a NYSoH account who are not account holders will
need to update their consent through a Life Status Change (LSC) action
before the HARP option will display.


All NYSoH account holders **must** ensure the address on their NYSoH
account is correct!!!

As is the general rule on NYSoH, mail returned as *undeliverable* will
result in the individual being made *ineligible* for all Medicaid programs
and any other services on the Exchange.

Interested in a HARP?

Individuals currently enrolled in Medicaid through New York State of Health
<> can contact NYSoH for assistance at 1-855-355-5777.

Individuals currently enrolled in Medicaid through their local Department
of Social Services can contact NY Medicaid Choice for assistance at 1-855-789-4277.