Call to Support the Ending of Mid-Year Formulary Changes for Mental Health and other Medications:

Today is the last day of the legislative session and NY-SB 2849 By Breslin, Neil D.. Relates to prescription drug formulary changes during a contract year is set on the Senate Active List for today!

The bill has passed the Assembly 5 years in a row – WE  NEED YOUR VOICE TO URGE THE SENATE TO PASS THE BILL TODAY!

Please call Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousin’s office and bill sponsor Senator Neil Breslin’s office and leave a short message to urge the Senate to pass the mid-year formulary bill! 

CALL Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins


CALL Senator Neil Breslin



State your name, organization, and let them know that you are calling to urge the Senate to pass the mid-year formulary bill, S2849, before session adjourns.   

The bill will protect patients and stop health insurers from increasing the price of medications during the plan year.  

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