Mental Health Education in Schools Campaign:
Time to Sign on and Show Your Support – Takes less than a minute to sign on

Last year, through your efforts, we generated thousands of calls and
e-mails to legislators on the mental health check off bill. We need that
same grass roots support to add mental health to health curriculums in

This year, we have a unique software and powerful grassroots advocacy tool
that will allow MHANYS to activate a broad-based advocacy network rapidly
and conveniently through mobile phones, text alerts and email, while also
leveraging the power of social media. Once you’ve accepted the invite to
be a part of this campaign by clicking on the link below and submitting
your name, email and mobile phone number, you will be part of this
grassroots network. Then, when MHANYS sends an action request, like
sending a message to legislators, etc. you will be able to carry out that
action with just a few simple steps from your mobile phone.

It has never been easier to make your voice heard on advocating for mental
health education as part of school curriculums. Just sign on the link and
the whole process takes less than a minute.

The movement is growing. To date we have shared with our affiliates and
board members and our supporters are growing exponentially. Several
legislators have voiced strong support as well.

Don’t hesitate, sign on today and share with your colleagues, friends and

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