Since passage of the budget last month, several of you have been asking us
about the status of some of the mental health public awareness legislative
items. One of the major public awareness pieces MHANYS is working on is a
mental health license plate bill. Besides the obvious benefit of creating
public awareness and normalizing mental health conditions, the fee
associated with these new license plates would be attached to the Mental
Illness Anti-Stigma Fund which was already started through the Mental
Health Income Tax Checkoff bill.

Both of the Mental Hygiene Chairs, Assemblymember Gunther and Senator Ortt
have been very supportive and have introduced legislation creating these
plates. The bill numbers are S-1210 and A-6216A. Currently the Senate bill
is in the Finance Committee and the Assembly bill will go to the
Transportation Committee.

Much like we did with Mental Health Education and the Income Tax Check Off,
we will need your advocacy to make this happen. We will keep you posted as
we get closer to the vote. In the meantime when you are meeting with
legislators or talking with staff, we would appreciate if you could provide
the bill numbers and ask for their support.

Several worthwhile causes like the organ and tissue donor plates listed
below already exists. It is time to add mental health public awareness to
this list. 

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