This month’s addition of the OMH News features an update on this year’s
mental health budget. One of the highlighted articles is about additional
reinvestment funding in this’s year’s budget to help in the creation of new
and innovative services. At MHANYS, we have long supported the concept of
reinvestment and recognizing how essential that funding is for community
support. We credit the Office of Mental Health for getting this money out
quickly to the community.

One of the reinvestment success stories is East House in Rochester—which
is run through a collaboration with the MHA of Rochester and their
innovative director, Pat Woods. Other MHAs across the State also have
developed partnerships with other local providers and county government in
putting together programs that address housing, peer support, family
engagement and crisis services through reinvestment funding.

Also, this month’s addition of the OMH News features articles about the
criminal justice initiatives in this year’s budget and the mental health
tax check off legislation reflected in this year’s budget.

The latest issue of the New York State Office of Mental Health’s OMH News,
has been published to the OMH website (.PDF):

OMH News is published monthly for people served by, working, involved or
interested in New York State’s mental health programs.

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