We need your help to encourage the Governor and the Legislature to sign an
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for new supportive housing!

The final 2016-17 State budget included $2 billion to be used to develop
6,000 units of Supportive Housing state-wide over the next five years – the
initial investment towards the Governor’s promise of 20,000 new units.
However, the final budget included language that requires the Governor and
Legislature to reach a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for how this
money would be spent.

The CAMPAIGN 4 NY/NY Housing is participating in an email campaign to push
the Governor and Legislature to sign an MOU so the 6,000 new Supportive
Housing units can be developed.

– Please click on the link below.

– That will bring you to the “Sign the MOU” page with the description
and blank spaces to enter your address.

– After entering your address it will go to the next page where you
enter your contact information and have an opportunity to approve the
pre-written message.

– At this point just click “submit” and the messages will be sent to your
legislators, the Governor, Speaker Heastie, and Senate Leader Flanagan.

Pretty easy!

Thanks for participating!


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