Yesterday the New York State Board of Regents unanimously approved the
recommendations put forward by the Mental Health Education Advisory
Workgroup set up by the State Education Department and MHANYS. These
recommendations will be an integral part of the guidance document that will
be shared with school districts across the State in anticipation of the
July 1 implementation of the Mental Health in Schools legislation. We will
share the list of recommendations as soon as it is officially published.

We would like to thank the Board of Regents, SED Commissioner Elia,
Associate Commissioner Renee Rider and all the members of the advisory
committee who spent a great deal of time and effort in putting the
recommendations together. As schools implement the new law, these guidance
documents will memorialize the importance of the most appropriate and
thoughtful means to implement the law. It will be a document of great
importance for many years to come.

These recommendations will be shared by SED and we will house the
recommendations in MHANYS Mental Health Education and Training Resource

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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