Correction Regarding Mental Health Education and the Board of Regents

In MHANYS Update dated May 8th, we mischaracterized that the Board of
Regents adopted recommendations presented by the Mental Health Education
Advisory Council. That statement was incorrect.

In fact, on May 7, 2018 the New York State Education Board of Regents
permanently adopted proposed amendments to sections 135.1 and 135.3 of the
Commissioner’s regulations; health education. The adopted amendments to
the regulations are pursuant to legislation signed by the Governor in
September of 2016, which amended Section 804 subdivisions (1) and (6)(c) of
Article 17 of the State Education Law.

The Board of Regents DID NOT adopt recommendations advanced by the
Advisory Council. These recommendations are however under review by the
State Education Department.

This does not in any way impact the implementation date of the new law
which begins on July 1.

I regret the error and apologize if it caused undue confusion.


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