Other States have been following New York’s lead in advocating for mental health education in schools. The proposal in Maine is consistent what we advocated for in New York.

Maine bill to add mental health education to school curriculums heads to governor’s desk.



Wednesday, May 8th 2019

AUGUSTA (WGME) — The Senate passed a bill that would ensure health education in Maine schools includes lessons about mental health.

LD 1024, “An Act to Include Mental Health Education in Maine Schools,” was sponsored by Sen. Brownie Carson, D-Harpswell.

“Teaching our kids how to talk about mental health — and that it’s OK to talk about mental health — will help them be more mindful and proactive about their own overall wellbeing,” said Sen. Carson in a press release.

The bill would require health education curriculums in elementary, middle, junior high and high schools to include lessons in mental health and the relationship between physical and mental health.

The bill now goes to Gov. Jane Mills’ desk. She has 10 days to either veto the bill, sign it, or allow it to become law without her signature.


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