There are few more powerful bastions of stigma than the world of
professional sports where to show a weakness is akin to waiving a white
flag. So when you have NBA stars speak out about their own mental health
challenges, it is incredibly powerful. We applaud DeMar DeRozan and Kevin
Love for speaking out. The wall of stigma is crumbling more every day.

The NBA officially teams with stars DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love to promote
mental health wellness

Brandon Wiggins <>

– DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love are two NBA stars who have publicly
admitted to struggling with mental health issues.
– Now, they are being featured in a video from the NBA promoting
awareness of mental health issues and encouraging fans to take care of
their mental health and to reach out for support if needed.


On the basketball court, Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan and Cleveland
Cavaliers big man Kevin Love are All-Star talents who will both be
competing in the second round of this year’s playoffs.

However, fame and professional success has not prevented either man from
dealing with mental health struggles — struggles they are addressing in a
video <> the NBA published
online as part of a promotional effort by the league to break the stigma
around mental illness.

DeRozan <>
and Love
both spoken up about their private mental health battles at separate
instances this season, but this video comes as part of a rather concerted
effort on behalf of the NBA to raise awareness around mental health issues.
The video even points viewers to a page on the league’s official website
that addresses the importance of mental health and also provides resources
for visitors who may be dealing with their struggles.

It is nice to see the NBA, which like all professional sports organizations
is a part of a broader hyper-masculine culture that encourages staying
silent or “toughing it out” rather than opening up about mental health
problems, take this step forward to discourage stigmas around mental

You can check out the site here, <> and
watch the video below.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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