Though much of the coverage of yesterday’s Drug Utilized Review Board
meeting focused on the removal of barriers limiting Hepatitis C Drugs to
individuals on Medicaid, it was also an opportunity for MHANYS to highlight
the importance of the accessibility to mental health and other medications
through Prescriber Prevails.

As we have said throughout this year’s budget, we are appreciative that
the Executive carved out mental health medications from the elimination of
Prescriber Prevails, but it was very important to insure that Prescriber
Prevails protections were added back for other classes of medications given
the complex health needs of many people with psychiatric disabilities. We
were pleased that the Legislature restored these protections.

The testimony from MHANYS Public Policy Director, John Richter is
attached. Besides highlighting access through Prescriber Prevails, John
also identified the impact that Step Therapy (Fail First) has on
individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

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pdf icon DUR-MHANYS-Testimony-April-27-2016.pdf

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