Come join MHANYS as we celebrate May as Mental Health Month. 

Wonderful food, friends, music and our famous silent auction (think graduation, mother’s day, father’s day, etc.). The proceeds from the event are utilized to help raise public awareness about mental health education in schools and end the stigma of mental illness. Register at 

Join MHANYS at this year’s Mix & Mingle

1 in 5 people in the United States has a mental illness that impacts their life and the lives of hose around them. Every one of us is either directly or indirectly impacted by mental illness.

Why MHANYS? MHANYS is an organization that impacts NYS in real and meaningful ways year after year in the movement to end stigma. In fact, this organization led the way through advocacy and coalition building to get the following mental health public awareness laws passed:

• 2017 – NYS License Plate – This law creates a specialized license plate that states “Support Mental Health Awareness”. Funds raised are made available through the NYS Office of Mental Health to organizations working on anti-stigma projects.

• 2016 – Mental Health Education in Schools – This law requires schools to teach about mental health in health education class. The law goes into effect in July 2018.

• 2015 – Mental Health Tax Checkoff – This law adds a Mental Health Awareness Campaign option to State income tax forms. Individuals can choose to donate funds to this campaign. Again, funds from this will go to the NYS Anti-Stigma Campaign funds.

Those who support and partner with MHANYS have made a tangible difference, the most recent of which will ripple from cars to students in classrooms all across the State and advance our anti-stigma efforts for years to come. Going forward, your support will help MHANYS sustain momentum and the ability to create new campaigns.

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