After you read the long subject line, it means that you are interested
enough to find out the five reasons why it is so important to attend MHANYS
Legislative Day this Wednesday, March 9th at Meeting Room 6 in the
Concourse of the Empire State Plaza starting at 9 A.M.

Number 1
Join a growing movement of people across New York State impacted by mental
illness. Raise your voice to support many issues including two key
issues—Investment of $90 million in Community Mental Health in New York
and inclusion of mental health education in school curriculums.

Number 2
Rally at the Capitol to tell people why ‘Mental Health Matters’ matters
to you

Number 3
Meet with your legislators and let them know how strongly you feel about
mental health services in your community and throughout New York State

Number 4
Free event and tee shirts to first 200 registrants

Number 5
March 9th is projected to be a beautiful day in Albany with highs in the
70’s—we could be breaking a record.

Register now at

Glenn Liebman, CEO


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