Registration is still open for MHANYS ‘Mental Health Matters’ Legislative
Day on March 8th. There are so many important issues that have to be
addressed in the mental health community. This is a great opportunity to
meet with your legislators and support the MHANYS agenda of a
well-compensated, well trained workforce and many other important issues.

Among our speakers this year include NYS Mental Health Commissioner, Dr.
Ann Sullivan, Assembly Mental Hygiene Chair, Aileen Gunther, Senate Mental
Hygiene Chair, Robert Ortt, Chair of the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Task
Force, Assemblyman Marcus Crespo, Senate Banking Chair, Jesse Hamilton and
Assemblyman John McDonald.

We also have several other speakers and content experts highlighting issues
of workforce, housing, eating disorders, education and public awareness in
mental health, veterans mental health, Medicaid managed care funding,
medication access and other important issues.

This year we will have a rally in support of community mental health.
Though we won’t set the record of last year’s 80 degrees, the day is
supposed to be sunny and in the 50’s.

There have been several successful outcomes in recent years driven by your
advocacy efforts. Your voice counts and we hope you use it on March 8th in
support of ‘Mental Health Matters’ Legislative Day.

Register at If you have any questions regarding the day,
please contact John Richter at

P.S.—If all that doesn’t convince you, we also have breakfast and tee
shirts for all attendees.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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