There has been proposed funding in the State Budget for the Health Care
Transformation Program. This funding would be utilized by providers to pay
for cost of some capital expenses. Unfortunately, the way the current
language is written, most not for profit mental health agencies would not
qualify to be eligible to apply.

In the waning days of the budget, we are working with fellow advocates to
include language that would allow for any agency with HCBS designation to
be eligible to apply. Satellite offices, vans (for non-Medicaid
transportation) and office infrastructure and expansion for increasing
capacity are all just a small set of examples of how an HCBS provider could
utilize Health Care Transformation Dollars effectively. The language is

We believe that by not including potential HCBS providers for the
eligibility criteria, it would send the wrong message to those of us in the
not for profit behavioral health community striving to be an integral part
of the future of the health care delivery system.

All we are advocating for is fairness and for an opportunity for not for
profit community based behavioral health agencies to apply for this funding
much like most any other health care provider.

We will continue to advocate for this change before the budget’s probable
passage in the next few days.

doc icon MHANYS-2017-transformation-program-markup.docx

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