Since this petition was sent out by MHANYS and many of our colleagues,
over 300 people have signed on. Let’s keep the momentum going by having
more sign ons. Please take a minute from your busy schedules to show your
support. Thank you.

As we are heading into the last several days of budget negotiations,
MHANYS has been advocating on two major issues. The first one is to
increase funding for community mental health programs across the State. The
second is to advocate for Assembly budget language that calls for a waiver
that would allow for an incarcerated individuals to apply for Medicaid up
to thirty days before release from prison or jails.

We are working closely with our colleagues at NYAPRS and the Legal Action
Center in raising awareness of this issue. The Legal Action Center has
created a sign on petition for support of this important initiative.

We are hoping to encourage the Governor and the Legislature to include
language in the 2016-17 Budget to ease New York State restrictions on the
use of Medicaid funds for those who are incarcerated, and ask the State to
request permission from the Federal government to use Medicaid to link
released individuals to care in the community.

The petition can be found here:…

In addition, please send the petition to your local Senator and
Assemblymember. To find your State Senator, click here:

To find your Assemblymember, click here:

Please include any organizational association in your submission and also
please forward this petition to others.

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