Earlier today, the table targets were announced for the various
Legislative Budget Committees. The Mental Hygiene Table which is comprised
of OMH, OASAS and OPWDD were provided with fifteen million dollars in
legislative funding expansion.

All the legislators on the panel were critical of the fact that the entire
table only received a total of fifteen million dollars.

The legislators and their staffs will be meeting over the next few days to
prioritize how to spend this money. From the mental health perspective, the
Senate has already identified priority areas including funding for
community based mental health services, Veterans’ Mental Health, Crisis
Intervention Teams, Mental Health First Aid and Children’s Mental Health
Services. The Assembly’s priority area has been around Crisis Intervention
Teams and other criminal justice reform initiatives.

With our partners at NYAPRS, we have been working with both houses and the
Executive around the priority area of funding for community based mental
health services. Over the next few days, MHANYS and NYAPRS will be sending
out action alerts to advocate for additional funding for community based
mental health services. 

Separate from those issues, we are continuing to monitor what is happening
with minimum wage, criminal justice reform, prescriber prevails and Health
Care Facility Transformation Carve Out for Community Based Organizations.

To get most up to date information about budget negotiations, follow us on
Twitter @MHAacrossNYS

Glenn Liebman, CEO


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