Earlier this week, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther introduced the Assembly
version of legislation that would create a designated license plate in New
York specifically geared to mental health awareness. Earlier in this
Legislative session, Senator Robert Ortt introduced the legislation in the

This legislation has been consistent with the Mental Health Association
work in recent years to continue to raise awareness and visibility about
mental health. The license plates would reflect awareness of mental health
issues. There would be an addition twenty five dollars surcharged for
license plates that would go to the existing mental illness anti-stigma
fund started through the Mental Health Tax Check Off in New York State Tax

This legislation continues the movement to normalize mental health issues
and end stigma by having designated license plates available that are no
different than existing license plates for breast cancer awareness,
diabetes and other important issues.

The Bill Numbers are S.1210 and A.6216.

We will continue to raise awareness throughout this legislative session.
To hear more about this bill and other mental health issues, come to our
Legislative Day on March 8th . Register at www.mhanys.org

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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