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MHANYS Lauds the Legislature and Executive for Funding the School Mental
Health Resource and Training Center

The Legislature and Executive led by the efforts of Governor Cuomo,
Assembly Mental Hygiene Chair Aileen Gunther, and Senate Mental Hygiene
Chair, Robert Ortt have included one million dollars in this year’s budget
to create a School Mental Health Resource and Training Center.

This funding is in response to the new law set to take effect on July 1,
2018 that will require all New York State schools to include mental health
instruction as part of the K-12 health curricula.

This Center will provide information and referral services by phone and
online including resources on the Center website; consultation with school
districts; and organization of regional summits and webinars that include
professional development. In addition, teachers required to earn 100 hours
of educational credits over a three year period will be able to take
advantage of this training at no cost.

According to Glenn Liebman, CEO of MHANYS, “Schools in New York State have
varying level of expertise regarding teaching about mental health. The
Resource Center will help respond to those needs through professional staff
with expertise in mental health and school instruction. This is landmark
legislation that will impact our youth for many years to come and we want
to make sure that there are resources available to help to successfully
implement the law. We applaud the Executive and Legislature led by the
efforts of Assemblymember Gunther in creating the Training Center.

Assembly Mental Hygiene Chair, Aileen Gunther said, “New York’s Mental
Health Education in Schools Act is landmark legislation that will have a
long-term positive impact for our students and for our entire community.
Providing funding in this year’s budget for the School Mental Health
Resource and Training Center is integral to the law’s success and I’m
thrilled we were able to secure it.”

Senate Mental Hygiene Chair, Robert Ortt said of this initiative, “This
year especially we’re prioritizing mental health education and awareness in
our schools across New York State. I know how important this initiative is
and the mental health training and resource center will be a key pillar to
our approach.”

Liebman also added that “We want to acknowledge and thank our partners at
the State Education Department for their role in the creation of a mental
health advisory panel that will help in providing guidance to schools
regarding the implementation of this new law.”


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