New York State is the only State in the nation that has a statewide fund specifically dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness. With all the recent outrageous headlines and stories about mental illness, we need to fight back. One way of doing so is contributing to this fund. There are two ways you can contribute:

Resource One:

New York State Income Tax Check Off:

When you are filling out your New York State tax form, there is a specific area on the form dedicated to providing contribution to various causes. Mental Health Public Awareness is one of those causes. Last year was the first year that the check off was available and well over a thousand New Yorkers contributed. Let’s dramatically increase that number this year

Resource Two:

New York State Mental Health Public Awareness License Plates

Be the first one on your block to order a license plate. Not only will you be telling the world to end stigma but by ordering the plate, you are also contributing to the fund. Information about ordering the plate is listed below.

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