As the budget is likely to be passed over the next week, we urge you to
call in your support for the creation of a School Mental and Training
Resource Center.

In July, New York will be implementing the first in the nation legislation
geared to making it mandatory to teach about mental health in schools.
There have been a lot of positive actions taken but there is a need for
funding for a Resource Center that could provide instruction to schools
about implementation; web based training and resources; professional
development through CTLE credits and updated information about mental
health practices across the country.

The cost of the creation of a Resource Center would be a million dollars a
year for three years.

We urge you to take a few minutes today and early next week to call:

Senate Majority Leader Flanagan at (518) 455-2071

Senate IDC Chair, Klein at (518) 455-3595

Assembly Speaker Heastie at (518) 455-3791

The message is,

“We thank you for your leadership in making New York State
the first State in the nation to include mental health instruction in
schools. We now need funding to help with successful implementation.
Please support the addition of one million dollars in the budget to fund a
School Mental Health and Training Resource Center”

Remember that the odds against passing a mental health in schools bill were
incredibly high, yet through your advocacy that generated thousands of
phone calls and letters, the issue was heard and passed into law. Over the
next few days, we need your same outspoken advocacy. Please call today and
early next week. Thank you.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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