Tonight we are on Capital Tonight talking about the MHANYS proposal to
create a School Mental Health Resource and Training Center.

As we go further down the road to implementation of the new mental health
in schools law (operational on July 1), more and more schools are coming to
MHANYS and our education colleagues asking for greater guidance around
implementation. Through the leadership of Education Commissioner Elia and
in partnership with MHANYS, a mental health advisory task force was created
to help provide guidance materials to schools. Over forty educators and
mental health professionals have come together to create this information.
Simultaneously, the State Education Department (SED) has released draft
regulations that will complement the new law. We look forward to the
guidance documents after they are approved by the Board of Regents.

As significant as that step is and will be, we still need to have
additional resources and supports for school. While many schools have
taught about mental health for years, many have not and they are imploring
MHANYS and our Education colleagues to provide curriculum, resources and
lesson plans related to mental health. There will be a learning curve
involved in this process for schools and most importantly for children and
what they will learn about mental health. That is why MHANYS has been
calling for a School Mental Health and Resource Center dedicated to provide
trainings for educators, resources, updated information, consultation with
schools, professional development and much more.

Today, I had an opportunity to talk about the proposal in greater detail
with Liz Benjamin on Capital Tonight. Locally, it is on Spectrum News
tonight at 8 o’clock. It may be different in other regions of the State.

As I said on the show, New York is the leader in this change that people
are clamoring for around the country. We have to take advantage of this
opportunity and put together the most comprehensive response and resources
for our youth and educators in regard to mental health education.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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