Sign On to Join the $90 Million Keep the Promise of Community Mental Health Investment!

MHANYS and NYAPRS continue our push for a Ninety Million Dollar Investment in Community Mental Health. This morning  Crain’s Health Pulse took an excerpt from Glenn’s testimony from Wednesday’s Mental Hygiene Budget Hearing. We are continuing to gain momentum with over a dozen agencies signing on for the campaign in the last twenty four hours.

“Hospitals drive half the mental-health funding while serving a small percentage of the people in the system, said Glenn Liebman, chief executive of the Mental Health Association in New York State. “It’s not uncommon for someone discharged from a hospital to wait months for follow-up care.” Extra funding could boost services, administration needs and workforce retention, he said. He suggested allocating an additional $90 million for mental-health care, which he said could come from several existing funding streams.”

If you are interested in supporting this campaign, please contact either me at  or Harvey Rosenthal at NYAPRS

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