Please take a few minutes to call your legislators. This is very easy to
do. I called both of my legislators and the conversation took less than
five minutes. Let legislators know how important it is to work with the
Governor in this year’s budget to invest in fair wages for the not for
profit sector. Thank you, Glenn (Thanks to Bill Gettman at Northern Rivers
for sending the material listed below)

For the past few months, we have worked with more than 270 human services
agencies from throughout the state to call for greater investment in our
industry. As part of Restore Opportunity Now (RON) campaign we have been
meeting with members of the state legislature, both assembly members and
senators, to talk about the work we do and the challenges we face, and
asking them to invest in fair wages and fully-funded contracts.

Our state elected officials are in the final stages of the budgeting
process, so the time is now to make our voices heard. That’s where you come
in. On Wednesday, February 22, nonprofit human services professionals will
be calling their local senators and assembly members to urge them to take
action. We’re asking you to take part and be heard, and to help you, we’ve
prepared the following sample script:

“Hello, my name is (name) and I am a… I live in your district, and I’m
calling to urge you to invest in human services nonprofits in this year’s
budget. We work with some of the area’s most vulnerable children, adults
and families, but every year we are asked to do more with less. Many of us
have to work overtime or take second and third jobs just to be able to work
in the field we love and make a difference for the people of New York.
We’re not asking for a fortune. We’re just asking for a fair cost-of-living
increase and proper support for our programs. Thank you for your time, and
I look forward to having your support.”

Again, thank you for everything you do for our children, adults and
families, and thank you for joining us in advocating for our cause.

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