We are very pleased that Senate Mental Hygiene Chair, Robert Ortt has
introduced a bill that would create a mental health awareness license plate
(S.1210). Currently, there are several personalized license plates in New
York that highlight the need for Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, Organ
and Tissue Donation and Diabetes among others. Mental illness would now be
added to that list. There would be an additional twenty five dollar fee
attached to ordering these specialized plates that would go directly to the
mental illness anti-stigma fund created as part of the mental health income
tax check off. Assembly Mental Hygiene Chair, Aileen Gunther, is also very
committed to this issue and will also soon be introducing a ‘same as’ bill
for the license plate legislation.

Through the leadership of our Mental Hygiene Chairs, MHANYS and our
colleagues will continue to raise awareness and fight the stigma of mental
illness. New York has become a leader in the field of public awareness
about mental illness and a license plate bill raising awareness will
continue that trend.

Please let us know if you are interested in supporting this bill. Also,
please raise awareness about the mental health tax check off bill by
following @nysincometaxmh on twitter.

Thank you.

Glenn Liebman, CEO
Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.


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