MHANYS Ushers in New Year with New Legislative Priorities and Mental Health Matters Day 2016

MHANYS is moving forward into 2016 energized by the momentum of successfully advocating for the passage of Anti-Stigma Tax Check-off legislation.  We are excited to get started on this year’s legislative priorities.  One way you can join us this year in our advocacy efforts is to register now for MHANYS’ 2016 Mental Health Matters Legislative Day scheduled for March 09, 2016.  Our public policy advocacy this year will continue its focus on issues most important to MHAs and the thousands of New Yorkers we collectively serve.  We are inviting all MHAs, mental health services peers,, families, fellow advocates, other stakeholder and, as in the past, youth from schools throughout New York State.  We are excited again this year about having a vibrant youth component participating in legislative day.  Did you know that the first onset of mental health disorders usually occurs in childhood or adolescence, and treatment typically does not occur until up to 10 years later, if at all?  Unfortunately, most youth (and adults for that matter) are ill equipped to recognize the signs and symptoms of a developing mental health problem or how to get appropriate professional help. It’s because of this reality that MHANYS is committed to improving mental health literacy among all New Yorkers, with a special urgent emphasis on young people.  They are important stakeholders in the future of mental health advocacy, treatment and recovery.  We welcome them and hope you will help us spread the word to schools in your area about this important event.  

We hope you will participate too.  For more information about Mental Health Matters Day 2016, and to register, please visit

Please join us in 2016 to help achieve our most productive and fruitful legislative sessions to date.  We are anxious to get started.

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