Article on Promoting Successful Employment featured in the Capital Region Human Resource Association Newsletter from MHANYS Director of Workforce Development, Marsha Lazarus

We in the mental health community recognize the strong links between recovery, health and successful employment.  At MHANYS, we also recognize that on-the-job success is not solely a function of getting the job.

It’s one thing to hire an employee who’s new or returning to the workforce… It’s another thing to fully tap and utilize this employee’s talents and capacity to contribute to the organization!…AND TRULY CONVEY A MESSAGE OF WELCOME!

To learn more about our work at MHANYS in promoting successful employment, check out the CRHRA (Capital Region Human Resource Association) January 2016 newsletter at  …Scroll down to CRHRA Diversity article:  “Fully Utilizing the Talents of All Employees: Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace.”

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