Earlier this year because of all of you, we were able to generate
thousands of phone calls in support of the Mental Health Education Bill.
This coming Monday (December 17th) we are urging you to call again, asking
Governor Cuomo to sign the NYS Step Therapy bill into law. You should not
have to fail first on a medication before the medication recommended by
your doctor is prescribed.


Please Call Governor Cuomo On December 19th

Due to all of your tireless advocacy efforts throughout the session, the
State Senate and Assembly both passed our Step Therapy/ Fail First
legislation (S.3419C/ A2834D) unanimously in June! Governor Cuomo has not
yet taken action on this bill but must do so before the end of the year.
We need your help to make sure the Governor understands how important this
bill is to so many New Yorkers.

We are asking every organization to ask your NYS volunteer networks to
please take the following action on Monday, December 19th to make this
legislation a law in our State:

*Flood the Governor’s Office with Phone Calls in Support of the Bill on
Monday, 12/19:*

Call Governor Cuomo today at 518-474-8390 <(518)%20474-8390> and using the
Talking Points provided below, please ask him to take the final step for
New Yorkers by signing this bill into law.. If you get a recording, please
leave a message. Thank you!

Talking Points:

· Hello, my name is… and I live in… I am calling to ask Governor
Cuomo to sign S3419C into law.

· This is common-sense, pro-patient legislation which includes
basic patient protections to improve the safety and efficacy of health
insurer step therapy (fail first) policies.

· This bill does not prohibit the use of step therapy policies,
rather it ensures they are used appropriately through a fair and
standardized appeals process.

· After six years of advocacy and several amendments to address
health insurer concerns, the bill strikes the right balance and must become

· Time is of the essence for patients who are fighting a serious
disease or illness. I am asking Governor Cuomo to take the final step for
New York patients by signing S3419C into law.

· Thank you!

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