Judging from our e-mail response from the other day, I know a lot of you already reached out to the Governor’s Office about the Parity Bill. Please keep those calls coming. We are as powerful as any constituency when we all speak with one voice. 


Contact Governor Cuomo TODAY as MH/SUD Parity Report Act (A.3694-C) Reaches Governor’s Desk Requiring Action by Dec. 22

We must continue to send a loud and clear message to Governor Cuomo: New York needs transparency and accountability when it comes to measuring insurers and health plans’ compliance with federal and state MH/SUD parity laws! To do so, he must sign A.3694-C by December 22, 2018, which incidentally falls on the day Timothy’s Law, New York’s parity law, was signed in 2006.

As New York confronts an epidemic related to opioids and significant increase in suicides, we cannot let insurers, health plans and behavioral health management companies continue to avoid the requirements of the federal and state MH/SUD parity laws. The only way to bring about the change we need and to shine a light on the practices of insurers and health plans is to enact A.3694-C! Parity is a critical lynchpin in maintaining and enhancing access to care!

We appreciate all you have done heretofore, but are urging the following action every day this week:

(1) Call the Governor’s office with the script below to register your support; AND

(2) Tweet Governor Cuomo the following messages:

We need #ParityReportingNow @NYGovCuomo

Please sign A.3694-C Today!

We need #TransparencyonTimothysLawCompliance


Please sign A.3694-C Today!


CALL THE GOVERNOR TODAY: (518) 474-8390; Press 2 to speak with a person.

Hi, my name is _______________. I am a [psychiatrist; psychologist; social worker; family advocate; peer] practicing in New York State. I urge Governor Cuomo to sign A.3694-C into law, which passed the Senate unanimously and the Assembly with one dissenting vote, and would be among the strongest parity compliance reporting measures in the nation. New York needs compliance with these laws to sustain and enhance care for with those with MH/SUD.

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