Through the collective voices of the entire behavioral health community, we
have been able to help reform the system of care in New York. This is one
of those times we need everyone to speak out in support of parity. This
bill will help provide greater clarity and accountability around behavioral
health parity. It is on the Governor’s desk and we need you to weigh in and
let his office know how important parity is to hundreds of thousands of New
Yorkers. Thank you, Glenn


Require that Insurers and Health Plans Demonstrate Their Compliance
with Federal and State Mental and Substance Use Parity Laws!


The Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Parity Report Act (A.3694-C) has
been delivered to Governor Cuomo! It is imperative that advocates for
mental health and addiction recovery call and/or write the Governor TODAY as
he must decide whether to approve this critically important legislation in
the next ten days, by December 22, 2018.


A.3694-C would provide New York with annual transparency and
accountability from insurers, health plans and behavioral health benefit
managers on compliance with federal and state MH/SUD parity laws, which, we
know from settlements with the New York Attorney General, remains elusive.

Under this bill, insurers, health plans and behavioral health benefit
managers will be required to submit key data that will allow the Department
of Financial Services to evaluate their compliance with federal and state
MH/SUD parity laws and to issue an annual parity report.

Twenty-two statewide organizations including NYAPRS, as well as five
national organizations, representing mental health and substance use
disorder providers, medical specialty societies, as well as consumer
representatives of mental health and substance use disorder services,
actively support the enactment of this legislation.

Take five minutes to call the Governor’s office TODAY at (518) 474-8390
press 2 to speak directly to a staffer) and share the following message

“I’m a registered voter from (your locality) calling to urge Gov Cuomo to
sign A.3694-C into law, to provide New Yorkers with the strongest mental
health and substance use treatment parity compliance reporting measures in
the nation.”

or send an email:

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