Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. teams up with real [FIT]
life to Lift Away the Stigma

Mental health challenges – such as depression, anxiety, psychosis and
substance use – are just as common as physical challenges within the United
States. In fact, more than one in five American adults will have a mental
health problem in any given year. Yet too often, people do not get the help
they need due to stigma.

In an effort to galvanize the Capital Region to decrease the stigma
surrounding mental health and empower our community to improve their health
and wellbeing, the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. is
teaming up with real [FIT] life to Lift Away the Stigma.

Today through Giving Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, community members will
have the opportunity to sign-up to take part in the 1st Annual “*Lift Away
the Stigma*” Circuit Training Marathon. This event will run from 4pm-8pm with
30 minute *challenging but doable* circuit sessions beginning at 5pm at the
real [FIT] life studio. Along with many other community partners that will
be supporting the event The Cat 100.9 will be broadcasting LIVE from the
event. The donations from this event will go towards MHANYS efforts to
reduce stigma within our community.

“Exercise and fitness is so important to an individual’s mental wellness.
We thank our friends at real [FIT] life for their leadership role in
helping to end the stigma of mental illness,” said Glenn Liebman, MHANYS’

Individuals*/teams* who are interested in taking part and or donating to
the Lift Away the Stigma event can do so from now until November 29th.

For more information on real [FIT] life and MHANYS, or to sign up to take
part, please visit:

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