Over the last several years, we have done our best to provide the most up
to date information about the state budget in regard to mental health.
Given the way the budget is being rolled out this year with the Governor
providing specific legislative briefings and not providing the final
document till later tonight or tomorrow (though he is doing an overarching
presentation tonight at 7:30), we will not be able to have all the
information we would like to provide the most accurate mental health budget
update to our list serve.

We will work on it over the next several days to insure accuracy and detail
how the Governor has responded to MHANYS priorities around Workforce,
Housing, Reinvestment for Community Services, Veterans Mental Health, HCBS
Services Funding, Mental Health First Aid (and other literacy initiatives),
Suicide Prevention, Medication Accessibility, Crisis Intervention Teams
and other Criminal Justice Reforms.

Glenn Liebman, CEO

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