MHANYS is part of the Restore Opportunity Now (RON) campaign which is
comprised of human services agencies across New York State. The campaign is
holding a press conference next Thursday at 12 o’clock in Albany. We are
hoping to bring as many colleagues as possible to the event. Sign on
information is listed below.

In order to increase our bandwidth on issues of living wages for not for
profits, we have to show the State’s leadership the kind of support we have
statewide. There is no better way to show that then by joining us next

Restore Opportunity Now is a statewide campaign, seeking systemic changes
and key investments in the nonprofit human services sector.

We hope you will sign on today, and join us next week for our
campaign launch/press conference in Albany

Date: December 8, 2016 (Thursday)

Location: The LCA Room (130 LOB), Albany, NY 12224

Time: 12pm

Please RSVP ASAP by clicking here.

Now more than ever, it is critical that New York state continue to be a
progressive leader. This campaign will highlight the many issues
experienced by nonprofits, and seek to work collaboratively with government
to ensure:

– Appropriate, competitive compensation for our workforce, allowing for
recruitment and retention of quality staff;
– Contracts that cover the real cost of providing services, permitting
nonprofits to be innovative, efficient, and effective;
– Investments in core programs necessary to lift up communities.

If you have any additional issues or questions regarding the campaign,
please feel free to contact Mallory Nugent at or
(212) 801-1341.

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