Dear Friends:

I know we just sent this out, but we really very much appreciate your
support. In the last few years, we have made some significant changes in
the way Mental Health is perceived in New York State. Last year, MHANYS led
the fight for a mental health income tax check off bill—the first bill of
its kind in the country that provides for a public awareness campaign to
stop the stigma of mental illness through a charitable contribution in New
York State Income Tax Forms. This year, we led the successful fight for
mental health education in school. This legislation insures that middle
schools and high schools will have to teach mental health as part of their
health care curriculum. It is a great victory for all New Yorkers. We have
also helped lead the fight for the expansion of Mental Health First Aid
throughout New York State. That is just a small piece of what we do.

Our vast network of MHAs across New York State provide the incredible work
of helping move individuals into the community and out of hospitals and the
prison system. MHANYS and the MHAs statewide are on the forefront of
changes to workforce issues, managed care, prison reform, housing,
medication access, employment, veterans issues, family engagement, trauma
informed care and so much more. To continue to do this, we need your

On top of all that, we have an anonymous donor who have agreed to match all
individual contributions.

So tomorrow, we urge you to think of MHANYS as part of Giving Tuesday

Thank you,

Glenn Liebman, CEO


#GivingTuesday is tomorrow! And new this year, the first ever #NYGivesDay

Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANYS) is taking part
in #NYGivesDay to raise awareness about mental health. Your support
helps our work to end the stigma against mental illness and
promote mental health wellness in New York State.

You can support MHANYS’ campaign by visiting

and donating on November 29.

Thank you. MHANYS


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