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A new email campaign has started today to urge the Governor and Legislature to Sign the MOU TODAY and fulfill the supportive housing promise made last year.  Just click the link below and tell them to SIGN THE MOU! Our goal is to get 20,000 messages sent to Albany by the end of the year– one for every supportive housing unit promised by the Governor last year!


Just to recap- last year we fought for a historic commitment from the State to fund 20,000 units of supportive housing over the next 15 years.  As you know, we were able to get Governor Cuomo to make an appropriation of $2 billion to fund, among other things, the first 6,000 units of supportive housing over the next 5 years.  However, the State has only released funding for the first 1,200 units.  In order to release the remaining funding, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) is required to be signed by the Governor, Senate and Assembly.

The good news is, the Campaign 4 NYNY Housing worked tirelessly to get a portion of the funds released- with an extraordinary amount of effort from many ACL members!  So, thank you!  With that in mind, we ask for you to again click the link to show the Governor and Legislature that we remain vigilant as ever in our quest to release the remaining funds for the 4,800 initial units of supportive housing that both the Governor and Legislature agreed to fund.  Please participate and encourage others to do so as well.

Our battle is not over.  Every email counts.  Please forward this message to anyone you think would be supportive and ask them to also participate.

You can also see the press release for the launch of this 20,000 message initiative HERE!

Also- if you are on Twitter, please tweet about the MOU! Make sure to tag the campaign (@4NYNYHousing) and the Governor (@NYGovCuomo).  Below are some sample tweets to use, and you can always retweet the campaign, or ACL (@ACLNYS)!

Sample Tweets:

After almost a year, #SupportiveHousing MOU still MIA. Tell Cuomo and your legislators to #SignTheMOU so 20,000 units can be built: http://www.nynycampaign.org/take-action#/10/

Its Thanksgiving Week. @NYGovCuomo promised to house the homeless. Its time to #SignTheMOU http://www.nynycampaign.org/take-action#/10/

New York’s most vulnerable families are paying the price for needless delay. #SignTheMOU http://www.nynycampaign.org/take-action#/10/

Promises don’t build housing. 80,000 homeless New Yorkers ae waiting for @NYGovCuomo to keep his promise. #SignTheMOU

What’s blocking the #SupportiveHousing thousands of vulnerable NYers need? A piece of paper.  #SignTheMOU  http://www.nynycampaign.org/take-action#/10/

It’s a fact: #SupportiveHousing saves lives and money.  #SignTheMOU so 6000 new units can be build ASAP. http://www.nynycampaign.org/take-action#/10/

Pairing housing w/ medical, employment and counseling services is the key to combating homelessness. #SignTheMOU funding #SupportiveHousing

With the stroke of a pen we can build 6,000 units of #SupportiveHousing for NY homeless. #SignTheMOU  http://www.nynycampaign.org/take-action#/10/


Toni Lasicki
Executive Director
Association for Community Living/ACLAIMH
28 Corporate Drive, Suite 102
Clifton Park, NY 12065

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