Listed below is the powerpoint presented by OMH Commissioner Dr. Ann
Sullivan and her leadership team in regard to the 2017 OMH Virtual Town
Hall Meeting held last week.

OMH provided a very comprehensive response to issues of greatest concern
to many of us in the mental health community around HCBS Services, Housing,
Criminal Justice, Community Supports, Children’s Mental Health, Suicide
Prevention and integration of Mental Health Care and Primary Care. We
were particularly struck by her comments around wellness, trauma-based
care, peer support, family engagement, the ACES Study and crisis services.
Though not formally in the presentation, Commissioner Sullivan spoke
eloquently about her support for mental health education in schools and the
anti-stigma efforts of which MHANYS and many of our colleagues are

During the comment period, we brought up issues related to workforce and
how this year’s funding increase for direct care staff, while significant,
is an initial step forward in the process of creating a more level playing
field to recruit and retain the needed staffs in the not for profit
behavioral health sector. We also spoke to the need for additional mental
health prevention services and enhanced training through Mental Health
First Aid, WRAP, and other evidence-based practices.

We will provide our full testimony on a future mental health update.

The 2017 Statewide Virtual Town presentation can be found on the OMH Website
or at

If you have additional comments for OMH to consider as it develops its next
Statewide Comprehensive Plan, please send emails through December 15th,
2017 to:

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