Please Spread the Word to Check Mark Public Awareness about Mental Illness in Your New York State Tax Forms

New York State Tax Forms are out for 2015 filings and we are very pleased that there is now a box available to check off a charitable contribution for Mental Health Public Awareness. If you are one of the millions of New Yorkers impacted either directly or indirectly by mental illness, you can fight back and make a statement by checking off this box. It is up to all of us to show how important an issue this is by contributing to this cause. Over the years millions of dollars have been raised for several worthy causes in New York’s charitable check offs. It is our turn now to use the check off to add funding. You can do this whether you file with a paper form or electronically. Send a message that we as New Yorkers will not accept the stigma and discrimination of people with mental illness.

Other States Are Watching New York

We have already been contacted by four other states about doing something similar in their States. They all recognize that stigma is the number one issue we face. Clearly the recent discussions about gun violence and mental illness has ramped up this conversation several fold.

Time to act to end the stigma of mental illness!

– Glenn Liebman, CEO

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