One of the top health issues in New York State is the proposed impact of
the federal cut to the Disproportionate Share (DSH) which pays for
uncompensated health care for countless New Yorkers in hospital settings.
Many of us in the mental health community are gravely concerned about what
these possible cuts will do to community hospitals that have a large
percentage of people with behavioral health concerns. How will this
ultimately translate to community mental health providers?

If this is of great concern to your agency as well, you should register
for MHANYS Annual Conference where you will hear from national health care
expert and former New York State Medicaid Director, Deborah Bachrach . She
will be providing an overview of the impact of the federal government cuts
to mental health care in New York State as well as share her vision of the
future of the integration of mental health and health care. You don’t want
to miss the conference for her presentation and a myriad of programs
related to the future of the mental health system and the integration of
mental health in educational settings.

To register for the conference and awards dinner, go to

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