One of the many highlights of the MHANYS Conference was the plenary on
Value Based Payment, Managed Care and Health Care Reform and the follow up
workshop which took a deeper dive into these issues. Attached is a very
helpful update from OMH on the status of HCBS Services as well as some new
programmatic pieces related to HCBS and HARP.

Of special interest to MHANYS is on Page 10, ‘Incentiving Access to
Behavioral Health Homes and Community Based Services’. We have been
advocating with the State to utilize the underfunding of the HCBS/HARP
waiver dollars to enhance existing HCBS providers to incent them to build
capacity. To the credit of Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson, other DOH
leadership and OMH leadership, they have listened to our concerns and that
of other community providers.

The way to insure a Medicaid match for enhanced funding is to run it
through the health plans. As I said at our conference, we look forward to
working with plans but there has to be prescriptive language in place to
insure that the funding is drilled down to the CBOs so funding could be
utilized for the programs that will enhance numbers and insure quality
services. Included among those areas are workforce (agencies have laid out
funding for new HCBS staff but because numbers are so low, they have been
unable to recoup any of those dollars), transportation for members such as
vans, satellite offices, expansion of existing office space, training for
Health Home and other appropriate staff, expansion of peer support and
family engagement services and other services that community based
providers know work in their areas of the State.

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