Mental Health Education in Schools Draft Regulations

Yesterday the State Education Department (SED) provided the Board of Regents
with the proposed amendments to further define mental health education in
the context of the Mental Health Education Law that was passed in 2016.
Once the regulations are officially released, there will be a sixty day
comment period to respond to the regulatory change.

Several members of the Board of Regents spoke openly about the need for
mental health in schools and voiced their strong support for the regulatory
change. It was a watershed moment in the movement to mental health in
schools when the leadership of the education community through the Board of
Regents, Education Commissioner Elia and Associate Commissioner Rider all
spoke to the importance of operationalizing this so that all youth across
grade and across geographic regions are appropriately educated about mental
health. Commissioner Elia and Associate Commissioner Rider also talked
about the importance of the role of MHANYS, the State Agencies and the
Mental Health Advisory Committee in the development of preparatory material
for schools as they move to implementation in July 2018

Attached are the proposed regulatory changes.

Information about the public comment period are listed below

“Notice of Proposed Rule Making” to be published in the State Register on
February 7th, 2018 for a 60 day public comment period. Comments can be
entered into the State Register beginning 2/7th – , OR by emailing comments
directly to our Department’s BOR’s Mailbox – . All
public comments will be addressed and answered by the Department. After
the public comment period, the final item is anticipated to be presented to
the BORs for permanent adoption at the May or June 2018 meeting.

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